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PH: (323) 825-6240

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #7539

Certified Child Life Specialist #31488




Creative blockages

Life transitions

New medical diagnoses



Self esteem


Gender and sexuality

Social Anxiety


PH: (323) 825-6240

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #7539

Certified Child Life Specialist #31488


Psychodynamic Therapy



Psychodynamic psychotherapy is effective for a wide range of mental health symptoms, including depression, anxiety, panic and stress-related physical ailments, and the benefits of the therapy grow after treatment has ended, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association. Psychodynamic therapy focuses on the psychological roots of emotional suffering. Its hallmarks are self-reflection and self-examination, and the use of the relationship between therapist and patient as a window into problematic relationship patterns in the patient’s life. Its goal is not only to alleviate the most obvious symptoms but to help people lead healthier lives

Expressive Therapy


Expressive arts therapy combines psychology and the creative process to promote emotional growth and healing. This multi-arts, or intermodal, approach to psychotherapy and counseling uses our inborn desire to create; such a therapeutic tool can help initiate change. For some people who have a hard time articulating what they are feeling, self-expression through art can be useful. Expressive arts therapy draws from a variety of art forms, and this integration of methods can help patients access their emotions

Mindfulness Based therapy



Mindfulness-based therapy is a form of therapy that incorporates mindfulness practices whichinclude present moment awarenessmeditation, and breathing exercises. Using these tools, the mindfulness-based therapist teaches a client to be in the here and now as well as break away from negative thought patterns that can cause a decline into a mood-disordered state; this therapy can help a person fight off a difficult frame of mind before it takes hold.

Attachment-based therapy 

Attachment based therapy is a brief, process-oriented form of counseling. The client-therapist relationship is based on developing or rebuilding trust, and centers on expressing emotions. An attachment-based approach to therapy looks at the connection between an infant’s early attachment experiences with primary caregivers, usually with parents, and the infant’s ability to develop normally and ultimately form healthy emotional and physical relationships as an adult. Attachment-based therapy aims to build or rebuild a trusting, supportive relationship that will help prevent or treat mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

About Me


PH: (323) 825-6240

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #7539

Certified Child Life Specialist #31488


Kate is a Mother, Artist and Psychotherapist based in Los Angeles.​ She earned her Masters Degree in Expressive therapy at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Kate became a clinician at the prestigious Maple Counseling Center where she was trained in Psychodynamic Counseling, also known as traditional Freudian talk therapy. In 2015 she became the head of Providence Tarzana Medical Center's Child Life department where she provided psychosocial support to children and families in the Hospital environment. 


Throughout her twelve years of practice in New York City and Los Angeles, She has worked in various clinical settings and has helped people struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, new medical diagnoses, chronic pain, grief, transitions and trauma. She most recently performed art as therapy workshops to international attendees at a month long residency at Villa Lena in Tuscany Italy. 

Given her background in the arts her therapeutic approach works well with creative professionals across all industries including, creative professionals in the fields of technology, advertising, art, design, music, dance and entertainment. 


She is currently accepting new clients.


-BA in Studio Art at Oberlin College

-Film Studies at Tisch NYU

-MPS in Expressive Art Therapy at Pratt Institute


Certified Child Life Specialist - Certification in grief support, trauma, psycho-social support, and adjustment for children and families in medical settings.  

Recent Work:

-Clinician at ECDA for adults, children and family clients 

-Clinician at the Maple Counseling center for adult clients

-Director of Child Life at Providence Tarzana

-Clinician for Adult clients at AHRC

-Art therapy workshops and residency At Villa Lena in Tuscany.

Press/Radio Interviews:

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